[meteorite-list] My first Utah meteorite find! / New Utah meteorite !

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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 15:57:22 -0500
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Congradulations Sonny. That's 4 more grams than I yet to find!!
Jerry Flaherty
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> Hi all,
> Well after numerous trips to Utah looking for meteorites,I finally found
> one. It was not until I cleaned up the suspected meteorites that I noticed
> one that looked better than the others. I was still not sure until I
> placed a small window on the meteorite. While I was sanding a small
> window, I was really doubtful it was a meteorite due to the dark red mud
> /water coming off the suspected meteorite. The only good sign I had, it
> would attract to a magnet slightly and the color looked liked a weathered
> meteorite. The polished window shows metal flakes and small weathered
> chondrules. Well it is a start,too bad it is only 4 grams. This does give
> me a reason to go back now and look for more! I should have picture up on
> my web page of the Utah meteorite and some meteorite finds made this
> summer by the first of the week. It looks like Utah only has 19 known
> meteorites in the bulletin and maybe 20 now!
> Sonny
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