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From: Doug Smith <dougsmit_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 13:33:01 -0500
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I am very new at the study/collecting of meteorites and what I know about
the subject is mostly from Norton's _Rocks from Space_. I often feel at a
loss when I read discussions that assume terms I do not understand. One,
for example, is the use of 'new' and 'old' with regard to Campo. Is this a
reference to a different find from a different body or a newly available
group that appears to be less weathered than some I've seen?

More to the point, I'd love to hear a recommendation for a reference that
would help answer such pedestrian questions without bothering the
professionals that seem to make up the population of this list. I see a lot
of negative tone in posts here and would be happy to leave in favor of a
lower level (beginner friendly) list if such exists. At my level, I am
seeking help understanding what I see on meteorites and read in ads or
posts. For example: looking at the picture linked below, what should I be
able to say about the subject other than it is a Sikhote-Alin?

My first interest in meteorites several years ago suggests some different
looking things are being sold today than just a few years ago. I wonder if
this is different cleaning, new finds (dug as opposed to surface) or fakes
in the market. Some of this may be the likes of shattering big irons into
more saleable pieces (Campo, in particular) but there seems to be a lot of
things out there that a reading of Norton does not cover. If anyone on this
list has any interest in either of the subjects were I am more comfortable
(links below), I would be happy to trade information for lessons in
'Meteorites 101'.

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>>> Hello again list.I am looking to donate,NOT
>>> GIVAWAY,some old campo meteorites for research or
>>> study.
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