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From: Stefan Ralew <stefan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 14:53:20 +0100
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And dear list,

if we carry the idea of a grail a little bit further,
we think, that a meteorite, which could be called a grail, should be really
unique, perhaps also something so far unknown.
Something like a benchmark, a cornerstone...

We all know how inflationarily the attribute "unique" is used in describing
or advertizing more or less unusual meteorites,
but let us show you this stone, where the indications, that it will turn
into a real "grail" are very strong.


Currently it is under study, but with all wariness necessary,
so far it is a lunar. It is a basalt. And stirring enough: probably it is no
mare basalt.
No similar meteorite was recovered so far on Earth, it is a find of 2005 and
all efforts, whether there maybe additional pieces could be found were
without result.
Depending on the further studies and results,
we think, that it is the hottest candidate to be a true Grail.

Perhaps not so important, as NWA 4898 could turn out to be,
but certainly very remarkable in several aspects,
- and here we're able to share already more detailled information on the
"emerald" grail too,
Aziz Habibi just posted, is our NWA 4905:


It is an eucrite, full of sparkling grains of a mineral, which usually would
let you throw a stone away as a terrestial: quartz !
Hence a so completely unusual material, that it's certainly worth to be
venerated by the HED-lovers as a grail.
Thrilling will be, after the analyses will have been ready, what for
implications the occurence of so much quartz in this eucrite could cause
regarding the discussion about the parent body (bodies?).

Finally a funny tiny graily, more for the down-to-earth collectors.
Look at that chondrite:

It has such huge and angular iron blobs, that it almost cause the
impression, that by weathering the stone is giving birth to little
individuals of iron meteorites.

Best wishes from the Hunters of the Grails
Stefan & Martin
Received on Mon 10 Dec 2007 08:53:20 AM PST

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