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Hi Steve, Grail Purveyors, Listees,

The grail requires a romantic quest for something plausible yet not provable
nor obtainable. It must be legendary and miraculous and an object of only
the most religious passion, controversy, as well as a dark side of greed; be
erroneously linked with an excruciating pain at the hands of Romans. The
'holy' grail is only reputed to have existed as such, and is not very holy
at all, since the corresponding religion does not even recognize its divine

The Holy See would probably say the Crown Jewel of the Vatican's collection
is the 153g fusion-crusted NAKHLA fragment.

The meteorite, like the grail, is of minor significance. Proving what it
contains is the "crux" of the "matter". We're talking meteoritical chalice,
if He measured porosity (the trueist measure of holeyness in meteorites)
found partially incinerated blood of a dog diffusing into the pycnometer
chamber. An official collection label and peer-reviewed publication could
help sanctify it.

But once attained this would fall short of being the Holy Grail. Only he
who is valiant and of pure spirit may find the grail in the Castle
(and the Castle isn't a registered eBay user)

PS, So sacrilegious it had to be a dog :-(
Revenge for centuries of condemnation of pagan meteorite veneration?

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> Hi again list.With all the martain meteorites out
> there,I was wondering.What is the holy grail of all
> martain meteorites?ZAGAMI?LAFAYETTE?Any of the
> NWA'S?The DAG'S?DHOFARS?ALH 84001?I thought this might
> be a good thread to start.While I was at the bank last
> week,I was organizing my other collection and I was
> wondering what is the holy grail of martains?I have a
> 6.3 gram slice of D. A. G. 476 as my only martain.So
> it brought the above question.Any comments will be
> excitingly awaited.
> steve arnold,chicago
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