[meteorite-list] Mammoths Found Peppered with Meteorite Fragments

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I can only repeat my urging to watch the National Geographic Channel
"Explorer" , Mammoth Extinction which addresses many of these questions.
Repeated the weekend!
Jerry Flaherty
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>>Playing Devil's advocate for a moment, is there a chance the author is
>>fudging the findings? Could the proposed results be replicated by, say,
>> firing a shotgun shell full of coarse iron filings at a tusk, like using
>> paper
>>from the appropriate era to forge a historical document?
> I'm wondering if there might have been some sort of attempt to clean the
> fossils, such as listed under "MECHANICAL PREPARATION" here
> http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/natsci/vertpaleo/resources/prep.htm
> that could have damaged the fossils and left behind bits of iron.
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