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From: Francisco Ocaņa <albireo3000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 00:02:28 +0100
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Amazing! After weeks I have finally cut some Dean?s NWAs and one of them
is very simmilar to yours. It is quite black, very homogeneus, with
absence of chondrules or metal. It is a 75g fragment with a ,what I
think, is a nice fusion crust ( http://asaaf.fis.ucm.es/~paco/D469.JPG )
. The magnetic susceptibility is 3,58 in SI units. It is quite fragile
and has many cracks!

Any ideas? How to know its type?


habibi abdelaziz escribi?:

>happy holidays and a precose merry christmas to all,
>well ,we got this new meteorite unclassified that i named as an impact melt breccia two fantastic lithologies.
>first black litho = exactly an impact melt breccia,
>segong litho= greenish with black point we could say it look like a ck,
>no aparent chondrule .and some aubritic inclusion in some part we could say it's an aubrite.
>impact melt breccia album.
>slowly magnetic , has iron point all over.
>enjoy ,
>all the best
>aziz habibi
>habibi aziz
>box 70 erfoud 52200 morroco
>phone. 21235576145
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