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From: Bob WALKER <qwalkra2_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 17:38:44 +1000
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Firstly a very merry XMAS and happy new year to listoids

QIG update - http://www.qmig.org

I have started to scan and webpublish some of the very olde and hard-to-find
artikles on Queensland meteorites

First up woz an article on the Rockhampton meteorite - this was found by
accident researching the history of Tenham...

Tenham of course is still one of my faves - many of the older Queensland
finds cluster in and around the Tenham strewnfield - I have another 7 new
finds from the Tenham strewnfield undergoing classification thru JCU and yet
another 4 new finds from Windorah which aint too far from the Tenham
strewnfield in terms of meteorite trajectories - more undoubtedly will be

More artikles to follow over the next few days - Gladstone, Glenormiston,
Tenham - maybe a few other odds'n'sods - most of these are damn hard to
resource so tis worthwhile to webpublish them

Its been a depressing feeling researching some of the olde artikles - you
start to realise just how much is missing in action, lost, stolen, illegally
exported or just plain cut into small pieces for sale with nothing at all
left for any public institution. All you have to do is look up the
Queensland finds on metsoc to realise which of the major players and doyens
of the meteorite community have been involved in illegal export - you'd be
surprised once you figure out exactly who...

I am planning a limited edition Tenham meteorite medallion - tis difficult
to find any pictures of the Hammond family holding or with some Tenham
stones but I have found one which I suspect will be the artwork for the
front of the medallion

If any listoids can share similar photos would they please contact me
off-list ? BNHM are u there ?

Any hints on how to best sacrifice a small individual for the fragments for
the insert of the medallion would also be appreciated

Thats about it for now - I'm on holidays... tho I have to kapture a baggie
of Tenham individuals soon (600 g total - largest = 220 g)... hopefully will
have new accessions early in the new year - more Winton stones - more
polished thin-sections and full-slices of some of the Queensland irons...
lots of projects planned or underway... its been a big year and next year
should be more exciting...

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