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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 12:37:38 -0800
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Christmas Geetings, Bernd,
        Kan't you give us a photo link, now that you have us
All tripping over our tongues?
        Best wishes, Michael

on 12/20/07 5:36 AM, bernd.pauli at paulinet.de at bernd.pauli at paulinet.de

> .. arrived today and I must tell you that it is out-of-this-world! My
> 11.9-gram endcut
> can keep you busy for hours!!! Its dark-brown crust still shows traces of
> black, glossy
> fusion crust and the abundant colorless, pale bluish or even pale greenish but
> *limpid*
> maskelynite crystals clearly testify to its intense shock history.
> This complex, polymict eucrite breccia shows all kinds of clasts but the most
> exotic
> feature of my endcut is what only two of the pieces showed and what Stefan
> Brandes so
> aptly described as a "cosmic spider web":
> These elongated, acicular (augite?) crystals have an average length of 0.7 mm
> but some
> are longer than 1 mm and some are arranged in a star-like pattern with up to
> nine or ten
> elongate crystals radiating from a central point or "nucleus".
> Troilite is present in some places and this endcut also sports a medium-gray
> angular,
> lithic clast measuring a whopping 5.5 mm in longest dimension. Under the
> microscope
> it is "marbly" in appearance.
> Furthermore there are a few tiny specks of (Ni-free) metal and another oddity
> is this:
> One translucent maskelynite crystal measuring 0.9 mm contains numerous,
> milky-white
> very small (length ca. 0.05 mm) worm-like features (almost like rice grains)
> that are
> reminiscent of air bubbles caught in frozen water while trying to ascend to
> the surface!
> What a meteorite!
> Take care,
> Bernd
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