[meteorite-list] Rajasthan Meteorite has impact on Dr. Goyal and Nuclear Safety

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Dear List,
  This link is in regards to the statement made by an
Indian scientist, Dr. Goyal, in which he claimed that
if the meteorite hit the reactor it would cause severe
damage to a nuclear reactor and disaster.
 The Indian government is still investigating.
  Dirk Ross...Tokyo


Original article:

Meteorite fall in Rajasthan village

Special Correspondent

10th incident in the State since 1995

The meteorite which fell at Kanvarpura village near
Rawatbhata in Rajasthan recently.

JAIPUR: A meteorite fell at Kanvarpura village near
Rawatbhata, where the Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant is
situated, on August 29.

It weighs 6.8 kg and is of a rare type as it consists
of 90 per cent iron.

"Unspectacular event"

At a press conference here on Monday, the Geological
Survey of India (GSI) said the Kanvarpura incident was
an "unspectacular event" compared to the meteorite
shower in Gujarat recently.

GSI Deputy Director-General (western region) R.S.
Goyal said no fireworks were seen as the meteorite
fell around 1:37 p.m. "The bright sunlight masked any
glow in the sky, and the event would have probably
gone unreported but for two shepherds who reported the
matter at a police station."

Frightens shepherds

Dr. Goyal said the shepherds got frightened after the
meteorite fell with a loud sound. They beat the
meteorite with lathis and dragged it some distance,
before immersing it in water. GSI scientists, who
rushed to the village, recovered the meteorite with
the help of the local administration.

He said the meteorite could have caused devastation on
an "unimaginable scale" if it had fallen on the
Rawatbhata Atomic Power Plant. At least 10 cosmic
bodies have fallen in the State, especially in its
western parts, since 1995. The previous incident was
reported at Bhuka village in Barmer district in June

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