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Dear Listees,

Here's a kind wish from us for peace and happiness, especially those who
have had a difficult year, for renewed hope and happiness. Written over
home-made egg nog (commercially nearly impossible to find in Mexico), I hope
it is still ok in the morning...

The Tale of Happy

Once upon a time there lived a very, very happy man. So happy was he, his
mommy feeling his kicks of the knee, named him Happy, she said, "while he
was still inside of me."

He was truly happy: Happily married, with a happy wife Holly, and happy
children, all in good health, both mind and happy spirits as he happily
worked hunting hazelnuts in his hometown of H?ppil? (Happila).

One cold, clear December evening, the happy family sat eating a Happy Meal,
between the warmth by their comforting brick oven and picture window in the
dining room, his youngest son happily exhaulted, "Look out the window, Papi
Happy! It's a shooting star!" To which his wife, gleefully replied, Hurry,
Happy, have a wish! --any wish- any hope your heart could have!

Happy, humming, hopped to the window, and hoped all his hopes in his head,
hurling up his hands as the shooting star hissed through the heavens.

But, unseen and unheard, Happy shook his head held high, as the shooting
star still shone by. He'd been so happy that he had not a humble hope
hidden in all of his happy head.

Halted by disappointment, the first time in his life: In that final fling of
the falling thing, he fought till he fished his wish, leaving unfinished his
dinners' dish as the food trickled from the mouths of his astonished kids.
In a flash he flew, through the front door making his dash, and fixed his
sight upon the fleeting light, throughout its rumbling path to its finale in
a cacophonic crash.

Happy, following the Northern Crown through the hummocks and hollows,
conquering the permafrost and absence of swallows; found and beheld in Oulu,
a freckled-sad owl named Filbert, who called.

The sole witness to the whole fiery finish, this Bubo was perched upon an
ancient conifer tall, felled during the frightful fall. Near a hole in a
crumbling wall, Filbert Boohuu'ed and balled how he'd been gathering nuts
with his she-owl, Kuulta, when his home was struck just after the light had

His family in ruin, such was his tune, a hollow lamenting lullaby under the
Moon, that not Eagle was he, without his great tree -at the Finnish of it -
his home wasn't fit, not even for a Siberian Tit.

Happy thought for a while, and suddenly returned to his smile. He signaled
to Filbert to lift himself high, and take his family up in the sky. For the
Owl, still had his might, as well as powerful flight, a loving family, and
the finest gift of all, splendid sight! With his mate at his side, Filbert
filled Happy watching below with pride. Especially sharp were the owl's
childrens' eyes, beneath the pale light of the Moon of several nights' rise,
were gathered enough meteorites to fill a large bog with barrels and
barrels, of Lunar egg nog.

In exchange for these treasures Happy proposed some fair measures. First a
cup of hazelnut tea, and an agreement to hollow out a new, much greater
tree. Next was a gift to Filbert of the Moon's weight in the sweetest
hazelnuts prime, used to attract any rat who couldn't refuse at any time.

At home with prizes, once again he was his children' smiles to behold, Happy
shared in more egg nog and mirth and smiled ever brighter since birth. He
tossed his barrels of happy treasure across the halls of his workshop to
distribute unmeasured. Holly and he retired together to dream Happy's hope
forever, to bring peace, happiness and joy to all creatures of the world,
great and small, well, almost, except the poor rats. ...And especially of
Filbert and Kuulta who lived in their prayers since that magical plight,
dining well, once again, happily, in the northern Moonlight.

Best wishes, Great Health, and Life

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> Gosh! Do I win a piece from my earlier posting if this
> is found????!!!! See my earlier email from November
> below.
> Merry Christmas to everyone. We have alot to be
> thankful for.
> Mike
> Mike Groetz mpg444 at yahoo.com
> Sun Nov 25 19:40:16 EST 2007
> Lets hope for a big meteorite fall somewhere in the
> United States for Christmas! I think we are due for
> one.
> We could have our own "Barwell" then.
> Mike
> --- Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I hope all are having a great holiday.
>> Great news, perhaps the USA had it's very own
>> Barwell,
>> a Christmas Eve meteorite fall last night!
>> Michael Farmer
>> All over Central Oregon, folks spot fireball
>> KTVZ - Bend,OR,USA
>> Or maybe just a meteorite in the making? All across
>> Central Oregon last night, there were reports of a
>> fireball seen streaking to the ground. ...
>> See all stories on this topic
>> Strange light in the sky spotted in Sparks on
>> Christmas Eve
>> http://www.ktvz.com/Global/story.asp?S=7541098
>> KRNV - Reno,NV,USA
>> Washoe County sheriff's deputies and search and
>> rescue
>> team members think they may be looking for a
>> meteorite. A caller told the sheriff's office of
>> seeing ...
> http://www.krnv.com/Global/story.asp?S=7541004&nav=8faO
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