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From: Peter A Shugar <pshugar_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 20:03:54 -0600
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What if this meteorite were to have come down on a portion of a glacier that was over
what is now water? What if any evidence would be left?
I used to live in Alaska from the very early 60's ( I think it was 1962) till 1975 or
I spent just over two years above the Artic circle at various Air Force sites. From what
saw and experienced, it will not be snow free till mid to late May. Snow levels can be
much as 15 feet (enough to bury a two story house). Also starting about the latitude of
the Artic circle on North, the tundra is frozen all year around. These conditions will
looking for evidence somewhat harder. I still know some people up there around
Anchorage and it the Fairbanks area, so I can check local conditions if you need current
This was before the world started to warm up so much. Back then it was a lot different
than it is now.
I was married to an Eskimo, but she was bitten by a Black Widow spider on the neck one
night and she died the next day. They said she was highly allergic to its venom. They
sure knew
how to to live off the land. I was thinking that if my Father in law is still around, I
would see
if there were any stories in their history that might give clues to where to look.
Hope this might help.
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