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Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:35:49 -0500
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>the Hulk comic character! I am the first to respect a thought experiment:
>But what scientific experiment could you propose (or has one already been
>done?) to follow through?

Okay, I've done a bit of thought experiment on this too-- and bear with me
because though hard math has never been my strong suit, I think I have this

Okay, let's just for a moment imagine that a hypervelocity bolide DOES generate
C14. Let's say that a 100 meter bolide converts 100 percent of all carbon into
C14 in a column 1,000 meters in diameter. For the sake of simple math, let's
say that the top of the atmosphere is defined as 100 km up
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%A1rm%C3%A1n_line and the bolide came in at a
90 degree angle. That hypothetical meteoroid would convert all the C to C14 in
a volume of around 78.5 km3 by the formula for the volume of a cylinder being

Now, to determine the volume of the atmosphere, I took a figure for the diameter
of the Earth as 12,756 km. I then added the 100 km for the atmosphere on either
side to get a figure of 12,956 km for the Earth plus the atmosphere. Then
plugged both numbers into the formula for the volume of a sphere, 4/3*pi*r3.
Subtracted the second from the first to get the volume of the Earth's
atmosphere, 51,924,386,581 km3.

So, after all that, you take the volume of the Earth's atmosphere, compare it to
the volume of C14 converted atmosphere in that hypothetical column of air
created by the bolide, and you get around 1.51*10e-9 of the Earth's atmosphere
converted, or around 1 part in 660,000,000.

Earth diameter = 12,756 km
Earth volume = 1,086,783,833,910 km3

Earth+a diameter = 12,956 km
Earth+a volume = 1,138,708,220,492 km3

Atmosphere volume = 51,924,386,581 km3

meteoroid path = 78.53975 km3


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