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Some of you might gasp out loud and shout " say
it isn't so", but I know of several prominent
institutions who have behaved similarly on one or
more occasions. It is very frustrating to be put
off repeatedly. I suppose the only solution is
to pay for the classification services so true
"professionals" will be handling your
specimen. Please don't misunderstand my use of
the word "professional." I'm talking about
scientists who are also business
professionals. When their paycheck AND their
reputation is affected by their performance, they will produce timely results.



At 04:01 PM 12/27/2007, Andreas Gren wrote:

>Or what is up when you send in 36g of a 700g iron meteorite, (two full
>slices, one was not enough and you wanted not to be stingy and cut one full
>slice), after half a year you took the liberty to ask if the samples arrived
>and get the answer, oh sorry they are lost, but when you send in just 10g we
>will do the classification for free. And you send in again 17g (again a full
>slice, again not to be stringy). After 14 days you get a mail, we ran throw
>your meteorite, its very unusual and interesting...some data's ...we cant
>finish the work, because we can't do iron meteorites, but we will send a
>sample to another university and keep you informed. After 8 month you take
>again the freedom to ask any results with the classification . no answer,(Ok
>busy man, it's summer) 2 month later you asked again, any results with the
>Answer after some hours : As I told you in March (this was in the middle of
>the eight month waiting period and obviously a cop-out )I told you we are
>not able to get the other university to do the trace elements, get your own
>lab for the trace elements. There is one who will do it for cash. Slowly you
>start to get a little pissed off , but gently you ask if this means he will
>finish the classification when you find someone to do the trace elements, or
>not and if he could submit the address from the lab. Yes, your guess is
>right no answer.
>A small selection of thoughts that might come up:
>Shouldn't this man stand to his word and show a little more power to finish
>the classification after receiving so much more material than requested?
>Why get other people their iron meteorites classified in some months?
>Should this been written in the discussion :" Some questions about
>meteorites that are still not official" started two days
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>Good Topic,
>Also what happens when you send in a sample say one or two grams of a
>probable rare class type, say lunar for example and the researcher
>doesn't get back to you on it!!
>--AL Mitterling
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