[meteorite-list] unclean gao givaway

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 20:59:47 +0200
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So it was Haag, who opened Pandora's box?

Shall we bribe him, to tell Sssteve, that fossils or geodes are ways more
cool than meteorites???

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[meteorite-list] to the list,an apology
2005/07/17 Hello list I will be short.I want to apoligize to all the good
people on this list for my brash email I sent this morning.There was no harm
intended.It was plain stupid.I should have just kept it private.From now
on,no more sales,no more trades,no more givaways,no more jokes,just
METEORITES.I -- Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!


[meteorite-list] respect lost/but hopefully will regain
Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! Sun, 17 Jul 2005 09:03:40 -0700

Good morning list.I continue to look at hate emails from people from whom
I have disrespected.I do really feel ashamed for the crap I have given
this list.And for what?Just my own self gain?No!Just for the love of this
great hobby.But I really never meant to do any disrespecting of anyone on
this list.The list was here alot longer than I have been around.I just
wanted to be accepted by everyone and get to know all who are involved in
this great hobby.I have bob haag to thank for the passion I have for
meteorites.He got the fire going in me to keep on keeping on with
meteorites.Than it just grew into something even bigger than I could
imagine.Then when I got on the list,I realized I was part of something
even bigger that could get me noticed even more.Well that backed fired
because of my big ego.And yes I do have a big ego.And it has gotten me
into alot of trouble in my life.But I really do want to make ammends with
the few list members with whom I have totally have disrespected.I really
hope to earn your respect again by being true to my action by my apology
yesterday.This is a sincere email of totally being apologitic.I will
maintain from here out,nothing but meteorite related content that will
serve only the interest of everyone on this list and anyone associated to
this list.I also thank art for being a gracious moderator and for not
throwing me off this list.I really know that I am part of something that
is truly enique and I want to continue to be a part of something that I
truly enjoy.It is time to shape up when a list member tells me that people
on this list HATE MY GUTS.That hurts!You all may think that I have been
the good soldier for putting up with all anti-steve post,and that I have a
strong resolve.Well to tell you the truth it just eats away at me,and
after yesterday,I said that's it.No more!Lets set right this sinking ship
and do something positive to get back on the right course.I really hope
there is not a gone way over the line,I really so hope that I can win back
all the list members that I have really hurt.Again I am truly sorry.From
now any sales,ebay,givaways,or non-meteorite items will strictly be done
on another list that was meant to be for that reason,I will post to
that.And here is promise I will keep and you can truly count on,if I do
post something like I just stated,I will unsubscribe from this list.I have
been to tucson for 3 years in a row,and I plan to keep going until it
wears out.I have met alot of great people and there are alot more I look
forward to meeting.It is a great time to be a collecter,and to me this is
the best hobby in the world that is truly out of this world.Please again
accept my humble apology for my disrepectful actions and attitudes.I
really hope we can put this all behind us and that we can all get back to
what we love,and that is meteorites, sincerely,steve arnold, chicago

Good morning list.I have gotten some rather nasty emails about my continued
spamming of the list with my sales.I do apologize for the continued mess.I
was very stressed out when I did what I did.But after sometime out to
reflect where I want to go,it became clear what is more
important.PEOPLE!This is the last day of my sale,where from now till 9 pm
chicago time,everything continues to be half price.I added 6 more nice
pieces today,all half off and I will continue to pay for shipping.After this
sale I will become invisible for a while.I will continue to go by art's
rules.But lately I noticed othe r people have disobeyed them as well.Again I
am sorry. steve arnold,chicago,usa


>From now any sales,ebay,givaways, or non-meteorite items will strictly be
done on another list that was meant to be for that reason,I will post to
that.And here is promise I will keep and you can truly count on,if I do post
something like I just stated, I will unsubscribe from this list. -- Steve
Arnold, Chicago!!!


Hey guys and gals.Please ENUFF with human hammers,global warming,7
plagues,etc.,etc.Lets get back to ENSHISHIEM,NEW FALLS IN SPAIN,MORE
ENSHISHIEM,ETC.Enuff of these stupid off topic posts that just go on and on
and on to nowhere.Hell lets talk about GAO.That is at least more interesting
than biblical plagues.And while your all at it,look at the latest SPACE
ROCKS today.It is all about meteorites here,not religion,global
warming,etc.And I promise to follow the meteorite rules from now on as
well.Can we all do that?? Steve R.Arnold,chicago,Ill,Usa!!

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> Subject: [meteorite-list] unclean gao givaway
> Hi list.I have 44 grams of uncleaned gao to givaway.10
> pieces in all.Just chime in.I know the naysayers will
> be out in full force.So get them while you
> can.Shipping on me.I hope you all have a great day.
> Steve R.Arnold,chicago,Ill,Usa!!
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