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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 02:32:57 -0700
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on 7/29/07 4:16 PM, steve arnold at stevenarnold60120 at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hello list.I am fellin' good tonight,so here we go.I
> have a 19 gram small slice of nwa 4475,and 4 small
> gao's to anyone who is interested.They are free
> people.Just chime in.Even to the naysayers you can get
> one to if you like.Good luck.
Hi Steve,
        As you know, I am not a "naysayer," but it does seem
Ironic you would do this after having posted a long, apologetic
Statement to the list stating:
"...From now any sales, ebay, givaways, or non-meteorite items
will strictly be done on another list that was meant to be for
that reason, I will post to that. And here is promise I will keep
and you can truly count on, if I do post something like I just stated,
I will unsubscribe from this list...."
1) Please note you listed "givaways" in this "promise" of things
You would never again do on this list.
2) Please note as well that you said that if you broke this "promise"
"I will unsubscribe from this list."
        So, it seems you have painted yourself into a corner here - not
That I anticipate that will be the cause of any great concern to you.
I am, in fact, quite confident you will not be leaving and look foreword
with great anticipation to reading about how it is you will deny, avoid
or rationalize your staying in the face of the above statements you made.
        Please respond quickly as the suspense is killing me! Please
Do be assured that your posts are the ones I read first, as humor
Is one of the things I most deeply appreciate. So, I always eagerly
look foreword to both how deeply you can insert your foot and to
The insane responses your posts inspire among the groundlings.
        Therefore, please do think over your response carefully before
answering, as the quality and magnitude of the resulting insanity
of the masses is dependent in large degree on your elucidations.
        Best wishes, Michael
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