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Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 17:35:04 -0400
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Hello Greg,

What's so stupid about this? Alot of what I see on this list is Steve
Arnold getting bashed and here recently of course the Mr. Sterling and Larry
thing with those guys bashing Christians. But that's ok, right? Also, I
remember there was another list member talking about a meteorite giveway of
some meteorites he found in his belly button and he was going to give away
to the 300th something emailer. Hmmm-mm.... I was waiting for another one of
you folks to bring up this meteor list subject propriety issue. So, also (good
gracious, I'm sounding like a broken record), all you guys can do, so far
is cuss, such as an individual using abbreviation of "GD", plus Mr. Garrison's (bless his
heart) personal email to me off list that was very off color and imporper
and mean (I still maintain he's the most venemous and sad individual on the
list), and of course, he's so brave that he won't receive emails from
me...(a very chicken move). You who have emailed me so far or made comments
on the list, (with the exception of Mr. Martin Altman, who I have found to
be more honorable and mature than the Garrisons and the rest of the meanies
here put together). I always had this idea that science was about partly
about debate. Even among science ranks, I imagine when someone comes out
with a new explanation, theory or whatever, that there's plenty of this
stuff I've got from some of you.

This whole thing goes back to the fact that I have questioned your religion, that is science.

No doubt, there's folks here whose feathers I've ruffled are great
mathematicians, physicists, biologists, geologists and just plain brilliant
people. But, knowledge and intelligence is not all wrapped up or defined in
those things totally. I have made you folks mad simply because I have
questioned you're religion. I'll tell, I have really enjoyed our little
debate, though from my opposition, I expected alot less of this playground,
put-down (Mr. Garrison shamey...shamey), name calling (Mr.
Garrison--shamey...shamey) nanna nanna boo boo stuff.
I'm still waiting for one of you folks to tell me something of substance (ain't that what you thrive on?), and not be sandbox/playground bullies.

Since I've been
reading the postings on this list, this is the most excitement I have seen
generated here ever--a good bit of bringin' it on and takin' it on, a bit of
quoting the Bible too me out of context (but I applaud your efforts) and
just plain good old fashioned gettin' irked. Really, it is a great exercise for me,
as I'm the only one on my side. Take for instance Larry of "Mr. Sterling and Larry" fame, I believe he's a
professor or something at Arizona if I remember correctly and obviously an
exceptionally intelligent individual, I've had the chance to take on
something that someone like that has put forth in a posting, though it was
something he said in an off color way. Also, some of you who have answered
my posts, you are great men and women of the sciences and so on and the
things you know are simply mind blowing. I seriously mean that.
Then....there's me. Hey, I just one simple individual that likes a good

But, Mr. Hupe, you folks fired the first shot...keep that in mind. I
must go now, I have more fan mail to answer.

Really, I have enjoyed hearing from you and the rest of the hommies on the meteorite list.

Take care,
Chris Merry

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  I think we have had enough of this "NON-meteorite"-related talk. I for one am tired of the emails!

  Best regards,

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    Mr. Altman,
    I was wondering when one of you guys were gonna crawl out and come at me, thanks for being among the first. Obviously you are threatend by free speech, unless it is your viewpoint.
    Like I said belive how you wish...I guess to you it is alright to put Chirstians down, just leave the science alone. It also says in the Bible, to paraphrase, a fool says there is no God.

    "Back to stones, please". Man go talk to your buds Mr. Steling and Larry, they started this!

    Any great to hear from you, I always like to mix it up a bit. :-)



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