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From: Peter Marmet <p.marmet_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 19:35:46 +0200
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Hallo Adam,

thank you FYI...as I said before, I have nothing against these

I finally found some very good info on David's excellent site:


It says that Dho 908 has - unlike most other stones that are paired
with Dho 908 - not only one or two but three different lithologies,
which means that Dho 908 comes from the "Basle part" of a bigger
stone. Basle (or Basel) is a (Swiss) town where the borders of
Switzerland, Germany and France meet;-)

Best, Peter

Adam Hupe wrote:

> Hi Peter and List,
> First, I do know why there is a problem here at all.
> The stone in questions is different from the rest of
> the Dhofar 908 stones as Norbert already pointed out.
> I made it clear it was part of the Dhofar pairing
> series from the beginning but, none the less, a very
> special stone.
> Second, The practice of nicknaming stones dates back
> to the time of when they were first being collected.
> Museums engage in this practice, scientists nicknamed
> every rock they studied on Mars and I have heard them
> in the lab using choice nicknames for meteorites after
> working on them. "Twisted Sister", "Tooth Stone" and
> "That Damn Crazy Stone" all come to mind.
> Everybody knows the "Garza Stone" is part of the Park
> Forest fall but its special history separates it from
> the rest. The press only references it as the "Garza
> Stone" and that is how it is known. Should it just be
> called Park Forest when it has such a special and rich
> history?
> I think nicknames add to the historical and scientific
> significance of particular pieces and this age old
> tradition should continue but just like anything else,
> there is room for abuse. The "Rosetta Stone" Analogy
> and nickname are perfectly fine when describing this
> fantastic stone. You pointed out that scientists
> referred to SAH99555 as a "Rosetta Stone". I don't
> hear anybody crying about this questionable abuse?
> Maybe, because it is a perfectly acceptable practice
> used for centuries.
> Best Regards,
> Adam
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