[meteorite-list] The Biggest Tektite & Special Exhibit?

From: Zelimir Gabelica <Zelimir.Gabelica_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 17:41:44 +0200
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Hello Paul,

I don't see any picture of your "giant" but according to your description,
it indeed seems to be the indochinite N? 1 in size (weight) so far.
Is it a Chinese "Guang Dong" type ? Or...?

So far, I haven't found yet elsewhere a bigger "vietnamite" than my 705.4 g
"splash" (Muong Nong excluded). I'll arrange to have its pic available soon
on someone's site.

It is nice we progress in compiling our hidden beauties and this is
connected to what you are willing to set up (educative tektite exhibit at a
future big show). I'll perhaps discuss with Anne Black soon in Ensisheim
about the idea.

Incidentally, I was planning to propose, as the "Ensisheim-2009" (our tenth
anniversary) theme: "Tektites & Impactites".
(the 2008 edition has another specific theme already scheduled)

Thanks again and I believe everybody will be pleased with a pic of your
record indochinite.

Best wishes,


A 07:40 26/05/2007 -0400, Greatwallc at aol.com a ?crit :
>Thanks to all on this talks. I enjoy all the info. Let me introduce an
>Indochinite in my collection: 1,042 gram, ~ 6x4x3", flow lines on all
>surface, damage-free, boat-shape, one end heavier.
>I put my tektite collection in a Special Exhibit case during the Denver
>Gem & Mineral Show in 1999(?). Museums, such as the Smithsonian and
>American Natural History, and famous collectors put up those exhibits for
>education purpose. Would everybody be interested in bringing his/her
>largest/best tektites for a collective tektite exhibit during the Denver
>and Tucson gem show (main show)? Maybe Anne Black and I can coordinate it
>for Sept's Denver show.
>It will be more fun to look at these big tektites. They are extremely
>difficult to find. I went through perhaps 10 tons to find a piece over
>1,00 gram!
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>greatwallc at aol.com www.greatwallct.com

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