[meteorite-list] OT- Rethinking Moqui Marbles??

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Hi, All,

    I think these "Fossilized UFO's" are concretations.
Moqui Marbles seem to be hematite concretations:
    Such concretations are always much younger than
the strata they are found in. Their shape is determined by
the water-cut cavities they form in. Karst-y China is a
perfect place to find them, too.

    Looking for one thing, you often find another. The
same website has a picture page with four objects that
all look pretty much the same but are all different. Take
a look at the four "tektites," only one of which really
is a tektite.

Sterling K. Webb
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Check out the last photo in this article- it (and
somewhat the others) resembles the Moqui marbles I
have. Except these are in pounds- not grams or ounces.


Have a good afternoon

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