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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 10:10:28 -0700 (PDT)
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(I am reposting this attempt from last week, as I still have not received it from the list. If this is a duplicate for anyone, I apologize!)
  Well, I'm finally going to do it. After much thinking and a few false starts, I've decided to part with some of my collection. I began collecting in the late '80s and had made most of my acquisitions by the mid-90s, though I have made some smaller purchases since then. All of the material that I'm parting with at this point came from this older time frame.
  I'm not a dealer and have no desire to be one. I never thought that I'd even consider selling specimens, but I'm just in a different place in my life now. I will likely add some more pieces to my sale list over the next few weeks. I'll accept checks (with time to clear) and money orders. I do not have a Paypal account and do not intend to get one. In addition to the price of the specimens, buy pays actual USPS priority mail shipping plus delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional. At this point I prefer to ship only within the US. If someone outside the US has someone here that is willing to ship to you, I'd be happy to send the pieces to them. If not, contact me and we may be able to work something out, but no guarantees.
  I have posted photos of my specimens at http://home.comcast.net/~fprochaska. The photos really do not do the pieces justice, but I'm new to meteorite photography, and I decided that I would not let that delay once again my decision to post these. I will work on better photos, but these pieces are pretty typical of their respective falls, and there are much more talented photographers out there than I that have posted nice photos of similar pieces.
  A summary of the pieces for sale is:
  Bovedy, Ireland, L3, part slice with crust, 70mm x 45mm x 6mm, 61.3 g - this is one of the prizes of my collection. My photo certainly does not do the piece justice. This meteorite is loaded with beautiful chondrules, as anyone who has seen samples of this fall can attest. This is a witnessed fall, part of which hit a police station. The outer edge is crusted, with the exception of about a centimeter at what is the lower outside edge of the photo. Rob Elliot had a number of samples of this meteorite all priced at $150 a gram until he sold his collection, and this rare material is very hard to get now. This is a much larger piece than commonly available, and I priced it at $90 a gram, $5490 for the piece.
  Pena Blanca Springs, Texas, Aub, part slice, 37mm x 56mm x 8mm, 51.4 g - another of my favorites. A good sized part slice with lots of clasts. $35 g, $1785 for the slice.
  Tocopilla, Chile, Hex, part slice, 45mm x 27mm, 5mm, 52 g - a part of the North Chile complex of hexahedrites. At the time I bought this piece, I was very interested in hexahedrites and was trying collecting samples of the different named North Chile masses. I'm keeping another Tocopilla sample and parting with this one. This piece came from David New. It has a thin oxidized patina on the reverse side, which I have not refinished to preserve a painted specimen label of "S177". North Chile is becoming harder to get now, and some people are selling samples from newer unnamed masses for $10 per g. Priced $8/g, $416 for the slice.
  Johnstown, CO, Dio, cut fragment, 28mm x 19mm, thickness varies, 8.4 g - the most beautiful and most interesting diogenite to look at that I've seen. Very hard to get these days and I've seen prices up to $200 a gram recently. Priced at $150/g, $1260 for the piece.
  Thin sections - I have a collection of 25 thin sections, 23 of which I bought from David New in the early 1990s. These are the thin sections that folks on the list are talking about, regarding their high quality. These also have large surface areas. The two that I did not buy from David New are more recent acquisitions, one from Sau 001, and the other the olivine portion of Phillips Co. pallasite. The David New samples are the standard 46mm x 26mm slides with cover slips, as is the SaU 001 sample. There is a wide variety of localities and types. I prefer to sell these as a set at this point, including a 25 slot slide box, and have marked the price down accordingly from what I believe the thin sections are worth individually. The set of 25 including box, $1500. You will not find higher quality thin sections than the David New samples.
  Books: (all of these I ordered brand new)
  Handbook of Iron Meteorites by Buchwald - I order this brand new when you still could. It is hardly used and in mint condition with the box. I am meticulous with books, and wouldn't even pry my finger in between the box and the book I was after to get it out - I'd tip the box forward to get a book out. Didn't want to part with this, but decided that as little as I actually use it, someone else will get more enjoyment out of it than I will. $1350.
  Handbook of Elemental Abundances in Meteorites by Mason - Only slightly used. In fact one of the few posts I've made to the list (I've been mostly a lurker for years) was answering a list member's question from this book. This is paper back but in very good shape. $100.
  Brazilian Stone Meteorites by Gomes & Keil - This is a never used, extra copy. Hardbound. $20.
  Pictorial Catalogue on One Hundred Indian Meteorites by the Geol. Survey of India. Someone had imported some of these but I could never win one on Ebay, so I imported a batch of my own for myself and friends. These are two copies that I still have extra. These have descriptions as well as a great many black and white photos of many meteorites to which few have access. These are softbound and brand new, though there are some wrinkles in the spine, apparently from the manufacturing process.
  Thanks for looking! If you are interested or have any comments, please contact me.
  Frank Prochaska
  Everett, Washington, USA

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