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Hello List,

Here please find some updatings about Ensisheim meeting (in one week from
now....oh dear, NO, we are far from being ready!). This partly answers
questions from listees.

1) Prof. Pierre Rochette (CEREGE, France) kindly proposed again to come
with his instruments that measure magnetic susceptibilities of meteorites
and allows a non destructive determination of their type. Pierre will be
with us on Friday night (party) and Saturday (but not Sunday). His
instruments will be set on the table next to the consignment room at the
entrance of the Regency room. You are welcome to bring your (known or
unknown) samples for (free) testing. Here is a text summarizing the method
(thanks Google)

P. Rochette(1), L. Sagnotti(2), V. Chevrier(1), G. Consolmagno(3), M.
Denise(4), L.
Folco(5), M. Osete(6), L. Pesonen(7)
(1) CEREGE BP80 13545 Aix en Provence Cdx 4 France (rochette at cerege.fr),
Roma, Italy, (3)Specola Vaticana, (4)MNHN Paris France, (5) Antarctic
Museum of Siena
Italy, (6) Universita Complutense Madrid Spain, (7) University of Helsinki
Magnetic susceptibility (X) provides a versatile rapid and non destructive
way to quantify
the amount of magnetic minerals (FeNi metal, magnetic oxides and sulfides) on
large volume of material. As petrological studies of meteorites suggest
that this parameter
should be quite discriminant, we assembled a database of measurements on about
1000 stony meteorites from various European collections: Helsinki, Madrid,
Prague, Roma, Siena, Vatican, and other smaller collections. From 1 to >20
and 1 to >100 cc per meteorite allow to define a representative mean value,
using a
large coil (8 cm) Kappabridge. For ordinary chondrites, it appears that
weathering is
responsible for a systematic bias toward low logc for Antarctic (Frontier
and non Antarctic (mainly from Sahara) finds. Once only falls are
considered a quite
narrow range of logc is observed for a given class, with no effect of
petrological grade
except for LL. High grade LLs (heated above 400C) develop the weakly magnetic
antitaenite-tetrataenite phases [3] during slow cooling, explaining the
difference with
low grade taenite-bearing LLs. Outliers from H and L classes are grade 6
(showing metal segregation) or intermediate types: H/L and L/LL. Once these
are excluded, well defined means for H and L are observed with no overlap at 2
s.d.; this agrees with the lack of overlap on metal amount. The standard
deviation for
all falls of a given class is only slightly higher than the averaged
standard deviation
for multiple pieces of the same fall. This supports the hypothesis that all
falls from a
given ordinary chondrite class (H or L) may come from the same homogeneous
body. For non ordinary chondrites and achondrites, weakly magnetic classes are
HED, Aubrites and SNC (below LL), strongly ones are E (above H) and
Ureilites (in
the L-H range), while C chondrites are spread in the whole range, again
with each
class showing restricted variation. On objects without intrinsic magnetic
field the only
way to measure X is to use a lander able to apply a small coil on the
surface to measure.
Existing pocket susceptometer with a 25 mm radius loop and penetration depth
of 30 mm are easily adaptable to such a purpose with a payload of less than
50 g (not
counting the mobile arm). Such a petrophysical tool would have the
advantage of its
penetration depth with respect to all other chemical and mineralogical
analysers that
obtain essentially surface information prone to bias by space weathering.
It should
allow to attribute the asteroid to a meteorite class.

2) There will be a book sale table so if you have some books related to our
hobby you want to offer for sale (not your whole library please!), feel
free to use the table. Please identify your book and put a price so that
the designed sales responsible can proceed with sales without too much
As an example, Matthias Baermann will be selling the book he edited in 2005
"Das Buch vom Stein", 190 pp, 18.5 euro (recommended).
Many other books (also from an official bookshop), memorabilia, pamphlets
(some nice from Svend Buehl) will be available.

3) A new paperback describing Ensisheim meteorite and its present status in
the Regency museum, out of print 2 weeks ago (in French) with the list of
about 155 Ensisheim meteorite owners as recently compiled (March 2007),
will be available (6 euros). (Sorry for not having had the opportunity to
add the latest updatings (now 167 owners as per June 5).

4) Many meteorites are expected to line the consignment room windows. A few
more can still be accepted. Again, please identify your meteorites with
specific labels and put a price. So far we expect to have meteorites from
Francesco Moser, Pierre-Marie Pel?, Svend Buehl, Matthias Baermann, Dima
Sadilenko, Michel Vandendries, Beno?t Jacques, Sabine Valange, and myself.

5) We still have 1 or 2 free tables for dealers but, sorry, the Regency
room is full.

6) I addition to the persons to whom we wish to dedicate this 2007 show
edition (J. Schiff, W. & R. Branch, I. Lang, W. Zeitschel) I wish everybody
to remember our recently deceased friends, Rolf Buehler and Maurice Costa
(3 weeks ago)...Maurice was that kind man, one of the Confraternity
founders, who used to read curricula of the enthroned brothers on Friday
afternoon. We all are terribly missing him!

7) On a more happy side, I am proud to anounce that all efforts have been
done to provide Dean Bessey (and family) with the wild boar TONGUE, as per
his anxious request, during the Friday dinner party. We are almost 80
people who reserved so far. Yes, a few places can still be accomodated (The
La Couronne owner is soooo flexible) but please hurry up!

8) On a mixed side, Serge Afanasiev, very unhappy to have to stay "there
broad", is sending to all of you his warmest greetings. He will be again
with us soon...2008 ?

8) The weather forecast for the next week-end could already be found on
"Yahoo" or related local sites. They say "partly cloudy, partly sunny,
mostly dry but showers not excluded, 23 to 25?C"...
Of course, such vague predictions have just no significance and everybody
could have said so!
At least the temperatures, if real, will be pleasent.

9) Here is now the list of dealers who reserved tables (here I must hurry
up before the huge thunderstorm cuts the whole electricity and internet):

Pierre Rochette (F)
Thomas Dehner (D)
Uwe & Eva Eger (D)
Philippe Thomas & Lea Dejouy (F)
Bruno Fectay & Carine Bidaut (F)
Marci Cimala (PL) (table reserved for the next 10 years !)
Hans Koser (UY)
Ahmed Pani (A)
Gregor Pacer (PL)
Jan Kaigl & Jiri Simek (CZ)
Rainer Hobein (D)
Mirko Graul (D)
Martin Altmann & Stefan Ralew (D)
Ali & Mohammed Hmani (MC)
Fabien Kuntz & Fran?ois-Xavier Flotterer (F)
Jean-Luc Parodi & Annick Guesslain (F)
Martine Redheuyl (F)
Peter Kummel (D)
Andi Gren (D)
Gilles Donin (CH, F)
Anne Black (USA)
J?rgen Nauber (CH)
Hanno Strufe (D)
Pater Marmet (CH)
Sergey Vassiliev (CZ) + Moritz Karl (D)
Dima Sadilenko & Sergey Petukhov (RU) ("highly recommended" by our amigo
Serge Afanasiev, unfortunately still unable to make it...)
Slava Skorniakov (RU)
El Horr Khalid (MC)
Tomelleri Giorgio & Lina (I)
Derecki Slawek & Monika (PL) (confirm please !)
Club ASTRO (F)
Book shop table (see above)
M. Garbaa (F)
Sido Mohammed Ismaily (MC)

10) Many other "famous" people will just attend and participate to the
"great fun". To cite a few from the list (besides the dealers
above-mentioned), we should see:

Michael & Renate Buckler, Dave Schultz, Graham Ensor, Vincent Jacques,
Thomas Grau, Roger Warin, Albert Jambon, Dominique Padirac, Matthias
Baermann, Mauri Ianeselli, Mike Farmer, Claudixr Nauwelaerts, Greg Hup?,
Jim Strope (?), Davin Schrader, Robert Ward, John Kushuba, Alex Seidel (new
brother), Rainer & Claudia Bartoschewitz (new brother & sister), Dean
Bessey, Luc Labenne (from Florida!), Etienne Lefebvre, Jean-Claude Fefebvre
(often our lecturer) Olaf Gabel, Patrick Herrmann, Robert Linnekemper,
Knut Metzler, Norbert Classen, Harald Stehlick end many may others.

Have a great week all!


Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
Universit? de Haute Alsace
3, Rue A. Werner,
F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
Tel: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 94
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