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Harlan, List,

    Cleveland is a synonym for East Tennessee, or Bradley County,
or the Lea Iron. A portion of this Tennessee meteorite was found in
Whitfield County, GA after the DALTON meteorite:
    "In 1879 a rounded mass of 117lb (53.1kg) was ploughed up
14 miles NE of Dalton, C.U. Shepard (1883). Analysis, 7.57 %Ni,
G.P. Merrill (1916). Further analysis, 7.35 %Ni, 18.4 ppm.Ga,
33.1 ppm.Ge, 9.6 ppm.Ir, E.R.D. Scott et al. (1973). A 13lb mass
'Whitfield County', found in 1877, was originally assigned to Dalton.
G.P. Merrill (1916) doubted this relationship. This mass is now
assigned to Cleveland ( q.v._ ); description, V.F. Buchwald (1975).
Trapped melt, J.T. Wasson (1999)."
    So sayeth the NHM Catalogue of Meteorites. It's a IIIAB. Just
look up the CLEVELAND (Tennessee) meteorite

Sterling K. Webb
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is there a cleveland, ga (from whitfield) meteorite? can anyone out there
look this up in a skyrox data base? all info appreciated.

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storage). please cc to: bigpineartifacts at yahoo.com

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