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Date: 08 Jun 2007 21:10:15 UT
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.. had I better say Mr. "Pallasite"?! ;-)

Welcome to the List and bye-bye to your status as a "lurker". It was delightful to visit
your revamped website and anyone who is seriously and passionately into meteorites,
can literally feel your enthusiasm while looking at your pics. Your website, and, the
illustrious crowd you have assembled there (Bob Haag, Roman, Mike T., Mike F.,
McCartney, our own Stefan Ralew... just to name a few), are ample proof you got
the meteorite bug ... a contagious disease as we all know ;-))

If I were you, I wouldn't take pictures of our beloved meteorites at an oblique angle
because too many beautiful details just don't show. One example, your DHO 1180
(Lunar) probably of M.F. provenance - the oblique view doesn't do that lunar beauty
justice. I, personally, would also prefer a millimeter (or centimeter) scale instead of a
pencil to give people an idea how "big" my slice of XYZ is.

One last comment - I hope you don't mind - subjective comments like "nice crust" have
no scientific (and no real personal) value. *You* know the crust is "nice", others, if they
know anything about meteorites and their crusts, will instantly see how nice the crust is.
Example: Your "beautiful" and "impressive" Holbrook specimen; it has a very "nice" shape,
it is "museum quality"! Those "in the know" know, others wouldn't care because they do
not see the inherent beauty of these celestial treasures!

Best wishes from

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