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Hi all -

What a great freebie

The Mayan date for the Rio Cuarto impacts is

25 October, 2360. Some months back, but after the
publication of my book, I was informed that this date
has been confirmed by tree ring studies.

The Maya described this impact as happening at
"Matawil". Thus I am very pleased with the new
radiocarbon dates for Campo de Cielo, as from the same
set of incriptions on:

17 February 2325 there was another impact event at

The cheapest way to buy my book "Man and Impact in the
Americas" is through Crow Clan Jewelry. Or my
original essay, "Going into the Water", which expanded
Dr. Masse's earlier work with Rio Cuarto myths to the
Mayan written records may be read for free in the
Cambridge Conference archives.

Thanks for the heads up, Paul. The articles are now
downloaded for later reading.

Mike, you've got another hammer -

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

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Mythology and Meteorites
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Dear Friends,

The Geological Society of London has a new book
the potential of myth to yield clues to geologic
and past geologic events. It is:

Piccardi, L., and W.B. Masse, 2007, Myth and Geology.
Geological Society of London Special Publication no.


10-Digit ISBN: 1-86239-216-1
13-Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-216-8
Three of the papers in this book are related to
mythology and
either meteorites of extraterrestrial impacts. They

1. Myth and catastrophic reality: using myth to
cosmic impacts and massive Plinian eruptions in
South America by W. Bruce Masse1 & Michael J. Masse.


2. Cosmogenic mega-tsunami in the Australia region:
they supported by Aboriginal and Maori legends? by E.
Bryant, G. Walsh & D. Abbott.


3. Meteorite records in the ancient Greek and Latin
literature: between history and myth by Massimo


The PDF files of these articles can be downloaded
for free until June 18th.


Paul H.

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