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From: ensoramanda <ensoramanda_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 18:28:56 +0100
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Just getting ready for the Ensisheim trip...last minute bookings etc.
Hoping to meet some more list members there as in Tucson.
Bringing my nephew this time..he is the starsite manager in Astrophysics
at Oxford University...so we are both looking forward to seeing some
special rocks and the meal.

to the point...

I have just aquired an old piece of lab equipment (ebay again!) I am
hoping to use for slicing some of my meteorites/finds. It is called a
'microslice' made by Metals Engineering Ltd in Cambridge UK. It seems
in good working order with lots of extras that are quite baffling
without a users manual. The obvious arm and blade are in place for
simple cutting as with the Buehler Isomet, that someone offered on the
list a short time ago.

I think I got a bargain....see here

Item number: 290125243513


Similar machines seem to be rather expensive.


The blade can be moved using a scale to 100th of a millimeter...so quite
fine control and the blade speed can be varied too.
I believe it was used more for cutting bone samples from my google
research..but I am hoping, with the right blade it will tackle rocks.
Takes half inch centre. I just need to work out ways of using a coolant.

Any suggestions welcome.

If anyone on the list has experience with this machine I would be
grateful for any advice.
Also looking for an old manual to help work out what all the extras do.
Some sites call the machine a macrotome too.

The extras with the machine include some strange blades and holders with
internal diamond cutting edges(annular blades). The blades are like foil
and are stretched on a drum that then fits where the normal blade
rotates. Material is then cut on the tight internal edge...probably too
delicate for rocks...but cutting losses would be very minimal if they
were used on valuable small material.

Anyway...forward to Ensisheim.

BTW In Ensisheim, If anyone is interested in trading some very rare
small fragmants of Wairarapa (the first New Zealand meteorite), or Alta
ameem (Iraq observed fall) or Mokoia (carbonaceous observed New Zealand
fall)...let me know and I will bring them to Ensisheim.

Graham Ensor Nr Barwell UK
Received on Sun 10 Jun 2007 01:28:56 PM PDT

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