[meteorite-list] Global Warming - Scientifically proven or a farce

From: Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 19:54:27 -0700 (PDT)
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Steve, not likely in our lifetimes, the money that
could have been spent going back to the moon, building
a permant base, then going to Mars, all of it could
have been done with the money we have pissed away in
Iraq. But hey, look at it this way, Haliburton moved
to Dubai to be closer to the money, they are taking
good care of it for us, the taxpayers.
Enough of things that do not pertain to meteorites
though, we have all had our say and I will leave this
topic since I have a meteorite show to attend and then
meteorites to dig up in the Arctic.
Michael Farmer

--- Steve Schoner <schoner at mybluelight.com> wrote:

> So true Mike Farmer. That is the problem with our
> age. We want
> everything never taking into consideration what we
> leave those that
> follow us after we are dead and gone.
> They will curse us or thank us for what we do now.
> But to do nothing about global warming now, which is
> a scientifically
> proven fact, pretty much leaves them with a ruined
> world and a curse
> for us.
> (Maybe by then they will have left this planet to
> terraform Mars, and
> mine asteroids (parent bodies of the meteorites we
> love) for their
> resources, all the while looking out into space or
> up into a Martian
> sky at a bright star that was the world we ruined.)
> Steve Schoner.
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> [meteorite-list] Global Warming - Scientifically
> proven or a farce
> Michael Farmer meteoriteguy at yahoo.com
> Sun Jun 10 13:25:59 EDT 2007
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> Paul, ok, lest say you are the proud winner of that
> bet! Bush got his way, America refused to do it's
> part
> and the oceans only raise 4 feet in the next 10
> years.
> I guess you had better go to Florida/New York
> City/Boston, most of the Gulf Coast, and well, most
> of
> the Island nations in the Pacific. They will be
> gone,
> good job! Oh, and the Billionairs on Long Island and
> Cape Cod had better sell their homes now, since a 4
> foot rise in sealevel will wash them all away. What
> will Dubya do without the family compound in
> Kennebunkport?
> I lived in Key West Florida. The highest point of
> the
> island is 6 feet. Most of the island is less than 3
> feet above sea level, as is a very large part of
> Florida. Kiss it goodbye, and trillions of $$$ of
> land, homes, and a huge part of our nation.
> Does that make it ok to ignore the melting glaciers,
> ok to do what we are doing now and not even bother
> making changes? That is SICK!
> Unfortunately that is the mentality of a huge part
> of
> our nation today, all about me, my money, and today,
> screw tomorrow, and I gues screw our children, and
> grandchildren, they can learn to live in the crappy
> world we created today to get "ours" right?
> My kids (If I ever have any) will likely never see a
> glacier in Switzerland, a Polar bear in northern
> Canada, or a white Greenland. It is all going away.
> sort of makes me not want to have kids, so they will
> not have to suffer for our mistakes.
> Michael Farmer
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