[meteorite-list] Damn weather and classification changes.

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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 21:31:13 +0200
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Hi list
My god, saturday I will remember long.
I have sleep like a baby, and in mean time storm comes and first time from
maybe 20 years it hit our home and killed half of elecronic devices. All TV,
all phones, notebook and my main computer have big, pretty hole on main
board :) And now Im wasting my time to turn on my other computers and repair
internet instead of preparing my stones for Ensisheim.

Anyway I have received some good news from Ted Bunch, NAU.
Everyone who purchased my NWA 4560 LL3.7 could be very happy becouse now
this meteorite is officialy reclassified as LL3.1. Ted Bunch worked on this
meteorite for last 3 months.

Several other achondrites are ready , but unfortunatelly they are still
waiting for their NWA numbers. I only hope that I can make them ready for

Im sure we spend a wonderfull time in Ensisheim.

As a surprize, Im preparing a monster, biggest meteorite that ever leave
Poland. Its not 10kg, also not 50kg, and not 100kg.

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