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    It's been so long since the validity of the Milankovich
cycles was proven by Imbrie, Hays, Shackleton, Emiliani,
and others whose names I can't remember (or spell) in the
1970's, shortly after continental drift was proven too, so
long that a lot of people have forgotten that they WERE
proven and think they're just one more whacky theory. Nope.

    Malutin Milankovich picked solving the calculation of
these cycles and then the curves of insolation because it
was the most difficult problem then known in science. He
was a young returned war veteran when he started and it
took decades to "do the math." No computers were
available then; it was pencil and paper and ten million
equations (per year). After he finished with the equations
for the Earth's orbital history, he turned right around and
started in on (and finished) the same task for Mars!

    He was widely regarded, at the time, as a scientist who
wasted his life because it was assumed that even if he was
right, no one could ever prove it. He was close friends with
another scientific outcast everybody thought was completely
crazy, a guy named Alfred Wegener who had the whacky
notion that continents moved around on the planet's surface.

    Just a couple of wild and crazy guys...

Sterling K. Webb
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Then there's the relatively recent study of the cycles of Solar activity
[Sun Spots] which is poorly understood.
Jerry Flaherty

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