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From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 00:18:38 +0200
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Not I was asking the question,
Andi was - I was only forwarding on his behalf.

...I could organize some cow-brain, if you want to frame it in a riker with
your Valera...

If I had a hammer lalalala lala la laah.

Other question, would somebody buy impact pits?
I remember, that the finders of Neuschwanstein-2, dug around and under the
impact pit, and transported the whole pit in a piece of ground down from the
My English is leaving me...how to describe the excavation of a hole???? I
mean the hole existed, the dug and extracted the hole....

Arrrgh, I better stop.


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Do you really need to ask the question? There's no question that it
would be bought, sold, and that the provenance would increase the value.

Would I want to own a sample? I'm not sure*. I'd like to think not,
but I suspect I'd start asking questions like "can you guarantee that
/this fragment/ wasn't the one which did the damage?" I imagine others
would ask for a guarantee that it /did/ do the damage (I think Michael
just proved that point between me starting and sending this note!) :-)


*I'm lying. Of course I would. But I'd still want an 'innocent'

Martin Altmann wrote:

>But I always
>asking my self what would happen if a Meteorite would kill a person?
>So would the Meteorite be the most expensive L6 ever been sold? Ore would
>nobody like to own a slice of a human killer hammer? Ok, I'm sure everybody
>would agree an impact kit is out of respect, but what's about the
>who would like to own a human killer Hammer?
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