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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:51:36 EDT
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Hi List, Paul, the editor of Meteorite Times, has loaded the Moss
micrographs to my Gallery. I made 5 categories of micrographs; 160X standard Xpol,
160X combined, 400X standard, 600X reflected and 1600X reflected. 73 images
in total. My Gallery link is

I want to thank Paul for all his work in hosting and managing the Gallery.
Now there are over 1,000 micrographs sorted by meteorite name and then by
magnification/imaging techniques. That's a very big investment of time for
Paul to put into this project. Please give him your feed back. Collectively
there have been hundreds of hours invested. Please take a look, nothing is for
sale at the Gallery. It is not a sales site and there are no weird pop ups
or sales pitches, just micrographs, lots of micrographs.

My passion is high magnification micrographs of highly polished thick slices
of meteorites in reflected light. These images are quite unlike what many
of you are used to seeing.

I have also been adding a lot more standard Xpol thin section shots lately
because Jeff Hodges has opened up his institutional sized thin section
collection for me to examine. These are many of the best thin sections ever
produced (both in quality and the meteorite). What a great opportunity for every
one to get a close up view of them. Let us know what you like best and what
you would like to see more of.

Thanks, Tom Phillips

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