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Hi -

All of the deaths from impact which I have been able
to document in the Americas have come from COMET
fragment impacts, not asteroid impacts. For asteroids
in the Americas, Barringer was too early for man,
Campo hit in an area already depopulated by the Rio
Cuarto impacts, and the Brenham impact was pretty
small. As far as the blasts go, asteroids generally
travel at lower speeds than comets, no?

Given the impact speeds, I think the odds of finding
an intact carbonaceous chondrite from comet impact are
pretty low...

BUT the centers of cometissimals are likely made of
stronger stuff, and perhaps some fragments were slowed
and protected from impact by the blasts of the impacts
of previous fragments, or were sufficiently fragmented
to have been slowed be atmospheric entry. The impact
at Bazas seems a good candidate for recovery, as does
the Joshua impact, in which iron seems to have been
delivered. (See the Cambridge Conference archives for
documentation.) And perhaps something has been
recovered from Kali Yar in Estonia.

The seven plagues were likely caused by a release of
caustic water from a source lake for the Nile River.
This earthquake is documented on Thera, and the fault
likely shifted further to the south at the same time.
The other parts of the Old Testament account are
related to the explosion of Thera and the appearance
of Comet Encke, both of which occured in 1628 BCE.

There, a post about meteorites ( at least carbonaceous
chondrites), and not about global warming.

Good Hunting,
E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

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