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Hi, Mark, List,

    I was hasty posting this; the eBay.ie listing says the
cubes are 13 millimeters on a side, not 10 as I thought.
I got the "information" that dress cubes were 1 cm from
a posting by the UK meteorite dealer David Bryant (on a
forum I can't find now) who said that a size 10 cube was
exactly 1 centimeter. Here's his site:

    The picture at the bottom of that webpage shows a dress
cube in use. It looks pretty good as a scale cube. So, based
on his remark, I just went hunting EU dress size cubes and
didn't read the text of the eBay.ie listing thoroughly enough.
But perhaps they are made in a variety of sizes, since the
ones I found are 13 mm and Bryant's are 10 mm.

Sterling K. Webb
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Now that's Genius !

I hadn't even considered using them as 10cm cubes.

I would suggest pouring some black epoxy potting compound into the base,
and the ones I have seen have the sizes 'printed on', so some solvent
would get rid of the text easily enough, and voila all the 10cm cubes
you can eat, and they come in loads of colours too!


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Hi, All,

    While waiting for the "real thing" to come along,
besides the cheap multi-colored centimeter cubes
for kiddies that are sold on eBay, there are these:


    It seems the EU insists on a standardized marker to
indicate women's dress size on garments sold in the
aforementioned EU. It must be black, must be one
centimeter, and must have the dress size in white on
all four sides.
    Size 10 cubes are 10 millimeters on a side,
conveniently, and at least one UK dealer in meteorites
uses them in his photos. They are about 5 cents apiece.
    On the minus side, they have no bottoms and a flexi-
hole in the top. (Could you cut up a spare cube and add
the two missing faces?)

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Centimeter cubes

Does anyone know why the specific letters, which are
found on a standard centimeter cube, were originally

Svend wrote:

>thanks for your kind words on the scalecube story. No,
>the cubes circulating with the broad engravings and
>the "1cm" gimmick are a follow up product done by
>someone else. They also use a different font than the
>original NASA type cubes.

I have to wonder if ten years from now, there will be
people collecting the different types of scalecubes /
centimeter cubes as people on this list are collecting
meteorites. I can just see people searching for a Drake
centimeter cube for their collection as a person would
look for either a Thuathe or a Brahin for their collection.

>However, every cubeless collector is free to choose
>what product serves best his duties. And we encourage
>everyone who whants to give it a try to produce his or
>her own cubes. Its a free market, and hey, in the end
>its just a cube ;)

Maybe someone can convince the Geological Society
of America to make and sell them as they sell grain-size
cards, field photoscales, field notebooks, and other
stuff used by geologists. It seems to me that geologists,
paleontologists, and even archaeologists would benefit
by using the centimeter cube instead the bizarre
collection of coins, keys, photoscales, and other
objects used as a scale in pictures of rocks, fossils,
and artifacts. I will be using centimeter cubes for
scale in the pictures of rocks, fossils, and artifacts,
which I take to illustrate articles and papers.

Best Regards,


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