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Marcin wrote:

In Ensisheim I have seen that some dealers sells polish meteorite Zaklodzie
as Primitive Aubrite. I want to say that Zaklodzie is nothing less and nothing
more than Ungrouped Primitive Enstatite-rich Achondrite. Mr Grossman
confirmed that and say that sugestion for aubritic classification was a
mistake in the past. Zaklodzie is one of only 3 enstatite achondrites.

and, while we are at it:

PATZER A. et al. (2002) Itqiy: A study of noble gases and oxygen isotopes including
its terrestrial age and a comparison with Zaklodzie (MAPS 37-6, 2002, pp. 823-833):

In addition, a comparison of the noble gas records, oxygen isotopic data, and terrestrial
ages of Itqiy and Zaklodzie is reported. Zaklodzie is another ungrouped, anomalous enstatite
meteorite, which was recently found in Poland (Stepniewski et al., 2000; see also Burbine et
al., 2000). Similar to Itqiy, it is composed mainly of euhedral and subhedral enstatite, but unlike
ltqiy, interstices are filled with plagioclase acting as a groundmass. Additional accessory phases
of Zaklodzie are kamacite and troilite. Schreibersite was also identified. In general, the chemical
composition and mineralogy of Zaklodzie display parallels to EL chondrites whereas its texture
can be described as either highly metamorphosed or achondritic. Patzer et al. (2001b) concluded
that owing to petrologic-chemical reasons both meteorites neither represent the same material nor
that Itqiy was derived from Zaklodzie-like matter. This conclusion is here reviewed in the light
of noble gases and oxygen isotope data.

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