[meteorite-list] Is this guy out of line or is that just me?

From: Norbert Classen <trifid_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 01:19:18 +0200
Message-ID: <007f01c7b848$6d236220$2002a8c0_at_lunatic>

Dear Bill & All,

You're certainly not out of line, at least not if we are talking about the
same alleged "lunar meteorite". I've seen pretty much all of them, and the
photo of the rock in question didn't look remotely like a good candidate to

Besides that, I'm getting a lot of similar offers with questionable
unclassifieds that are presented as "100% lunar", "same-same", or "sure
martian"... At the Ste. Marie show last weekend I have been offered pieces
of a "lunar" that sure looked like a probable pairing of the impact-melted
eucrite NWA 3159. At a ridiculous price. I told the seller that I was sure
that this wasn't a lunar but an eucrite, but he insisted on his own
"expertise", and kept on advertising it as a "new lunar find". And this was
one of the better "deals" around...

There are some exceptions, of course, but you're always taking a high risk
with unclassified stuff as many of these alleged "planetaries" turn out to
be from our own planet Earth, even if the resemble a shergottite or an
anorthositic breccia. Caveat emptor!


-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-----

Hi all,

The ebay meteorite scams are getting worse... I've heard a few complaints
about NW African dealers... I think the latter has a greater potential for
abuse. They used to spam us with lots of common chondrites. Now it's
unclassified planetaries, howardites, etc.

I think this type of claim is as crazy, even worse, more tempting than most
of the ebay goofs.


 From: mohamed aitouzrou <azroumeteorites at yahoo.fr>
> good morning
> i am sure it is a lunar meteorite, but not classified yet, i am a
> seller, many people around the world knows me, if it's not a meteorite, I
> give you back your money.
> the price is $220 per gram.
> regards Mohamed

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