[meteorite-list] EBAY Slag for sale

From: Pete Pete <rsvp321_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 17:23:54 -0400
Message-ID: <BAY141-F32A073186C28759B585135F80F0_at_phx.gbl>

Hi, all,

Too much effort, Paul. Who has the time to spend on such a petty thief?

I think that this link for wrongs on eBay should be prominent on the
"meteorites for sale" page:


(a thanks to whoever keeps this info updated! The slag we're talking about
is already listed there as something to avoid.)

...there, and discussion on this list, is a great place for a beginner to
get educated.

I can see eBay's dilemma, otherwise no one would be able to sell any
unclassified stone.
Caveat emptor.


From: Paul <bristolia at yahoo.com>
To: meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com
Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] EBAY Slag for sale
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 11:52:37 -0700 (PDT)

On Jun 28 23:19:27 EDT 2007, Bill wrote:

"Starchasers is a good one. Meteorites falling
in his general direction constantly. All new
Illinois finds too. Look at his 454 GRAM IRON

another person wrote:

" Here's another one selling common filth as
expensive meteorites on eBay - with some victims
making bids, too:?"

Maybe someone should buy a couple of the least expensive
items being sold by this person on eBay; have them analyzed
by a couple of experts; and publish the results of the
investigations in a popular article and forward the results
to the proper authorities.

Also, if someone living in Illinois truly believes that this
or any other person living in Illinois is dealing in fake
meteorites, it seems like they need to complain to the Consumer
Protection Division of the Illinois Attorney General Office
given that he appears to reside in Illinois. The selling
multiple pieces of slag to people as meteorites for tens or
hundreds of dollars, should easily qualify as felony fraud.

The web page for the Consumer Protection Division of the
Illinois Attorney General Office can be found at:


Also, there is "Submit Questions to the Office of the Illinois
Attorney General"


Maybe someone can ask the Illinois Attorney General Office
if they should be doing something about this bozo? Simply
griping about such people on Internet message boards is not
going to accomplish anything. Maybe if they received enough
complaints and questions about what can be done, the Illinois
Attorney General Office might decide it is time to investigate
the validity of what is being sold on eBay?

Also, it seems to me that using the mails to send people
fraudulent merchandise and selling such items also should
violate mail and wire fraud laws, including Postal Service
regulations. However, I serious doubt the authorities will
do anything unless someone takes the time and trouble to
complain. Talking the talk needs to be followed up with
walking the walk.

Best Regards,


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