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From: Dave Harris <entropydave_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 18:48:35 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
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Hi tout le Monde,

I got a call from a chap in County Wexford in Ireland a couple of days ago,
excited about a find he got. Now, he has had some initial analysis done by a
chap called Professor David Green who works at the Manchester museum.
OK - fact - Dave Greene has XRD'd it and confirmed that this item is either
pure Mn or largely Mn - I am not sure which - this rules out it being
I do have some pics - mainly blurry - which shows something rather like a CD
to be honest with you.

It was the location of the find that got this chap interested and as I know
squat about the location in the USA I'd run it by you for some answers.
The finder claims to have recovered this lump (looks about 200-300g in
weight) from the "Cascades, near the Rockies, Washington, about 75 miles NW
of Seattle" - I am quoting him here - I have no idea whether this
geographical relationship is true.
He advised that this is REALLY wild country and he was out there on a
exploratory trip armed with AK47s due to bears. Again - I am just repeating
what I was told.

He has been contacting a friend who lives in "Darrington wa state" again, I
quote from an email.
Prof Green is certain it is NOT meteoritic, no troilite inclusions and
suggested that is it the product of a manganese mine (which was my original
suggesttion). However the finder is CONVINCED that the are this lump was
found is totally off the beaten track.

Do any of you know this area? Are there Mn mines out there?

I just would like to show the finder that I have made every effort to
resolve his mystery lump of metal.



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