[meteorite-list] OT The Lunar Eclipse on Sat. night

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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 23:51:28 EST
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(Second attempt)
Hello again,

Ginger asked me to forward this to the List

It was visible in Colorado too. At least from part of Colorado.
GREAT pictures too.

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chikadee at earthlink.net writes:

Thought some of you might enjoy the pics of the eclipse tonight. We
knew the eclipse would almost be over by the time the Moon rose but it
still made a really nice sight as it rose over the snow covered fields
up here in Divide.

There's no place where you can feel the movement of the Earth so much as
when you stand on the top of a mountain with the Sun setting behind you
and the Moon rising in front of you. Of course, this wasn't just any
Moon rising but an eclipsed Moon. There was more of a "bite" than I
thought there would be when I caught the first sight of it at 5:59. It
didn't last long which was probably good since it was 13F degrees!
Image details below the images.

Moonrise, already eclipsed.


One minute later.


Four minutes later, just a little left.


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