[meteorite-list] 3-4-07 Update and Thanks!

From: JKGwilliam <h3chondrite_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 16:47:42 -0700
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What fantastic news!

After a month or immeasurable trials for Walter, Sabrina and Rebeka,
it sounds like everyone can breath a little bit easier. What a relief!

I'm looking forward to seeing Walter back at his keyboard and joining
his meteorite "family" again!

John Gwilliam

At 04:30 PM 3/4/2007, Walter Branch wrote:
>Good Evening Everyone!
>It has been a wonderful weekend! Walter was moved from ICU to Medical
>Surgical Intermediate Care this week and yesterday he was moved to the 5th
>floor of the hospital (this is the surgery recovery floor). He had his
>trach removed today and he stood for a few seconds with two people
>supporting him three times today. He has a long recuperation time ahead and
>we are looking at two more surgeries down the road, but he seems to have
>made a huge turn for the better.
>We also want to thank all of you for the wonderful gift and support you have
>given us. Maria, I did not get it until today. Walter's business
>associates had forgotten to bring his mail to me until today. We appreciate
>this so much. I know that there is no way to repay such generosity so when
>we are all on our feet again we will pass it on to others.
>Please keep us in your prayers and I thank God for each of you.
>Sabrina Branch
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