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Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 18:48:45 +1100
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Aaaahh, ha ha ha haaa,

If fossilised pooh is called coprolite, what do you call meteorite pooh, or
pooh that falls from the sky?
I know, sh*tty subject.

And to think that once upon a time, trains and planes used to just dump it
all in transit.
I remember the signage, 'Passengers, do not use toilet at stations.'
SPLAT 'Oh, crap.'

> Fox news is just now reporting that a certain
>foreign national was arrested at LAX airport with
>wires hanging off of him.
> Upon further investigation, they found a piece of
>chewing gum, some more wire and a rock in his "XXX".
>As the suspect put it- "the rock is from another
>planet" and was in there to protect him....
> OK- lets say it is a meteorite ;-)
> -what will be the official name of the location
> -what lab will(want?)do an analysis on it?
> -how long until it winds up on eBay?
> -will it replace the current urgent need for Gao
> I needed a grin tonight- this was it.
>Take care
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