[meteorite-list] My Wedding Day Anniversary Meteorite Fall: Jilin

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Date: 08 Mar 2007 21:14:49 UT
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Happy Birthday, Jilin!

Jilin, H5; S3
Fell 1976, March 08
Time: 15:00 hrs
11 masses individually recorded
Several explosions during flight
Three distinct fireballs
E-W strewnfield
AKA: Kirin
Mass: About 4 metric tons
Largest individual 1770 kg excavated at a depth of ca. 6 meters.

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Bernd Pauli Meteorite Collection:

- 35.8-gram slice with abundant FeNi and troilite + shock veins

- thin section: barred olivine chondrule shows thick outer igneous
  rim and thinner inner rim with skeletal olivine set in black glass
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