[meteorite-list] Suspected Meteorite Hits Illinois Home

From: Jason Utas <meteoritekid_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 16:57:09 -0800
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Hello Gary, All,
Fallen meteorites do not have 'craters' on them.
Their flight through earth's atmosphere removes all traces of original
exterior surfaces that existed when the body was still in space (or, if the
body is large enough to retain some of these features on its rear side, it
simply vapourizes on impact).
The only instances we see of 'craters' on meteorites have occurred in large
iron falls in which fragments supposedly collide with each other while
falling (I personally believe that the 'impact features' seen on 'Franconia
irons' are due to siliceous material boiling out of the iron explosively).
That being said, the existence of 'craters' - or, as I see, simply
jagged/dented edges, would point towards it being a piece of space junk or
just a piece of airborne metal, though how it came to fly through a window,
desk, etc, is beyond me.

On 3/6/07, Gary K. Foote <gary at webbers.com> wrote:
> Has anyone noticed the impact crater on the edge of this
> object? If I missed a post pointing it out I apologize. Seems
> obvious to me...
> Gary
> > Hi Ken,
> >
> > > In case you missed the video:
> > > http://www.pantagraph.com/video/2007/030507_spaceobject/
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