[meteorite-list] all List members & Mike re Threats fromMr Gregory

From: Armando Afonso <armandoafonso_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 22:11:41 -0000
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Dear friends,
>From time to time, I take the time and patience to read what is happening in
this list.
Invariably, Mike Farmer is exchanging insults with someone...
If this list was something near neutrality, this gentleman would have been
banned long, long ago...
Anyway, from a certain distance, this fights can be very amusing, too.
Pitty that the only interest of the meteorites for this guys is the
potential profit, nothing else.
Apart from his predator attitude, arrogance, irritability and scientific
ignorance, what are his atributes?

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> on 3/10/07 8:11 AM, Michael Farmer at meteoriteguy at yahoo.com wrote:
>> List members, this man is now making threats to my
>> home and family...... Read this and tell me..........
> --
> Dear Mike and all,
> Mike, would it help if you KNEW that NO ONE on the list wanted
> to read ANY of the posts about issues you and this fellow have with
> one another? If you knew that would you then spare us hearing about it???
> I experience you as a fairly intelligent fellow, so, please, PLEASE
> pay attention:
> --------------
> I suggest EVERYONE on the list think very carefully and decide
> if they want to hear about this dispute between Mike and this fellow.
> If even ONE list member WANTS to hear about it, please post to the
> list your opinion to this effect.
> -------------
> Mike - if NO ONE responds, perhaps you could leave your emotions
> in check for just a moment, fall back on your ample intelligence and keep
> any communications with this fellow strictly between you and him, as
> clearly, out of the hundreds of list members you will have heard for
> yourself that NOT ONE of the list members wants to hear about it.
> Sincerely, Michael
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