[meteorite-list] THE SO-CALLED ALERT

From: Sterling K. Webb <sterling_k_webb_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 20:55:03 -0500
Message-ID: <025501c76449$740281a0$c622e146_at_ATARIENGINE>


    I got a so-called "Alert" several days ago when
I posted a reply to Martin Altmann's query about
costs of space telescopes versus weapon systems;
supposedly it was from Martin's ISP, except that it
    On dissecting the "message" I found a substantial
block of embedded "data" which did not show up
as text nor anything else you would find in a message.
    I destroyed that message immediately and ran scans.
I've just burned off all your messages mentioning it
since some people have included or copied all or
part of the "alert" message in their mail to the List
    I would recommend on-arrival deletion of any such
messages, not by "deleting" in your email program,
which only flags it as assigned to the "Deleted" folder
and leaves the message intact, but by using Shift+Delete
which will erase it from disc (on a PC) and a scan.
    I believe that the material in the message had likely
been disabled before I got, but I don't trust that it was.

Sterling K. Webb
Received on Sun 11 Mar 2007 09:55:03 PM PDT

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