[meteorite-list] How to display Your collection ? PolandMET idea !

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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 22:41:08 +0100
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> Looks great but the green labels are bit distracting and it looks like
> they are applied to the white surface, since some of the info is covered
> up by the samples.
> Have you considered clear labels attached to the outside of the box lid?
> You could also do a 2 label system.

There are three reasons why I use this green labels.
one, becouse I have self-glued paper in this color :)
two, becouse I use this style from begining and infact it is style that
everyone recognize, that this comes from me.
three, becouse I like it, and it is better than white color.

I think from some time to use a different color for chondrites, achondrites
and irons. But I dont know.

> Attach a label to the front of the box with just them sample name and a
> second label on the back with all of the other info.

I use the same style here, like for my meteorites I sell. Becouse boxes are
easy removable You can take interesting box and read on green label all
details. From distance You can easy read only name.

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