[meteorite-list] Wethersfield meteorites 1971 & 1982

From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 09:54:45 -0700
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Hi Gerald and all,
        As many are aware, I am a "Hammerhead" and both
sell and collect all hammers I have ever been able to get my
hands on.
        I have never seen either the April 8, 1971 or the
Nov. 8, 1982 Wethersfield falls available at any price. It should
be noted, however, that in my experience, that can be said for
over half my collection and at least 1/4 for what I have for
sale - until I found one/some. However, when you DO find a source
for something that was, at least until then, "never available"
you usually have to pay dearly for it - and I mean dearly.
        Personally, I have been amazed that very, very little of
what I have found more than one piece of that had "never"
been available, sells. I price it the same as I price all material,
based on cost and replacement cost, yet very few people get
these ultra, ultra rare specimens. Of course, I do not hesitate
when a hammer that is "never available" comes to me - I jump
on it like a dog on a bone.
        One of the interesting phenomena I have noted is that the
ultra rare (something that is, on very rare occasion available -
like Burnwell) DOES sell at whatever "the market" demands
at the time it comes available. This has led me to believe that
collectors would rather spend a relatively large sum of money
(relative to weight) on something occasionally available than
something "never" available BECAUSE they can do some sort
of "price comparison," even if it is removed in time by several
years (I have only seen Burnwell available a few times in the
last 20years). Whereas, with the "never" available, there is no
price comparison - even one removed in time (IE, Kobe, Ausson
& Chiang-Khan [though Chiang-Khan was at one time available])
            If you or any other list member does find either of the
Wethersfield falls available, I will pay a "finders' fee" if you let
me know about it and I get some.
        Happy hunting, Michael "Hammerhead" Blood

on 3/18/07 4:18 AM, Gerald Flaherty at grf2 at verizon.net wrote:

> Two meteorites fell in the town of Wethersfield Connecticut, each striking a
> house, in the space of 11 years. The first in 1971 the second in 1982, an
> event [events] against all astronomical odds.
> I understand that one of the Wethersfield meteorites is in the Smithsonian
> and The other, in the Connecticut Peabody Museum.
> Did Any of either become available to collectors?
> These have to be priceless!
> Jerry Flaherty
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