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Or the first mass of 13.6 kg (only) was moved but found first ;-)

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>could be possible. If the natives had taken the
>trouble to carry it that far (before horses) I doubt
>they would have cast it off so like junk, it would
>likely have ended up in a mound or something.

If you go with the theory of paleoindians moving it, I suppose you could
come up
with multiple possible explanations of why it was "cast off"-- amongst them
being the group that owned the meteorite being wiped out by war or disease
having to abandon the area quickly because of war, disease, or drought. Or
maybe it WAS once in a mound that has since been destroyed by people or
weathering. Or it could have been buried in the ground like Winona. Or it
could have been kept so long that tribal memory of what it was supposed to
that made it valuable to them faded, and some great-great-great-great
of the original finders chucked it out during a spring cleaning. Or...
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