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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:57:12 -0700 (PDT)
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--- Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jeff,
> Now comes the question of how a large piece of a
> meteorite came to rest 178 miles (297 km) from the
> first piece.
> Does anyone have an explanation as to how or why it
> could/would be transported so far back then, and
> buried in a farmers field?
I suspect that the natives could have done it. The
question is why (And not bother to take care of at it
It might have been to eroded to tell (And there may no
longer be photos or memories of the uncut mass) but I
wonder if there was evidence on the original mass that
some pieces were crudely chipped of.
If there was pieces chipped of, a plausable
explanation of why the indians took so much trouble to
move it is that they were making iron tools with it (A
semi common occurance in the pre iron world).
Then after some years of this chipping, neglect, war
or other reasons may have caused it to be abandoned
and slowly be buried by natural means.
Of course that is onely one possible explanation and
there is no real evidence for it but would be a reason
why it was moved. It could well be another fall.
Just an idea

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