[meteorite-list] a question on fusion crust

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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 21:17:49 -0600
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I think the archives will have a dozen pages of debate over this issue
that was just recycled through the list about three weeks, three month,
three season, three years ago.... We seem to have no clear winner as
the minority screamed louder.
Dave F.

Michael Murray wrote:

> Hi List,
> Are you ready for a dumb question! Here goes... Is there a more
> definitive description of the blackened outer layer on the surface of
> iron meteorites than simply referring to it as "fusion crust"? From
> what I can gather looking at different pictures of stonys, they seem
> to have a glassy or melted layer of the material of the stone. I can
> see that being a 'crust'. On at least some irons, there is a coating
> but it doesn't appear glassy, just blackened. I'm guessing that
> that coating is partially resulting from burning of the gases in the
> atmosphere? If it is a 'crust', it is not much of one. It looks
> like a very thin coating of soot that is adhered to the stone,
> although more durable than soot. This is probably one of those dumb
> questions that the Collection of Wisdom would answer.
> The stone in this picture has the blackened layer I'm referring to:
> <http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p124/mmurray_02/IMG_0319.jpg>
> Michael Murray
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