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Dear Eric,

How wonderful that you did that! Yeah, Walter has only now met just two of
us but wait until he gets to Tucson next year... I hope we don't scare him

I have never been through what Walter is going through. I do, however, have
experience with recovery from surgery after surgery after surgery. Help and
support comes very early on but then tapers off. Now is the time when Walter
needs all the strength and support we can give. I know you've all been
thinking about him and waiting for the updates just like I have. Please take
the time to send a digital hug, prayer, good thought, or positive vibe his
way at waltbranch at bellsouth.net

Anyone wishing to send a snail-mail card or donation please contact me

Oh, and speaking of Rebekah... I am still accepting donations for the Walter
Branch Recovery Fund but the focus has changed slightly. I'm trying to raise
an additional $550 for Rebekah. She wants to continue dancing! Considering
the pelvic injuries she suffered in the accident, I think that's pretty

Every dollar counts so please contact me off-list.

Thank you for what you've done so far. You are an amazing group of people.

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> Greetings all
> I drove down to Savannah today and spent a couple hours with Walter.
> I was the second meteorite person he has ever met, John Sinclair was the
> other. So he was blown away with the signed poster and accompanying
> check from a group of casual email acquaintances whom he has never met.
> Way to go guys.
> As expected we talked meteorites, and hunting meteorites, and
> meteorite people, and meteorite news etc, etc. We might even get him out
> to the Tucson show one of these years.
> His daughter is doing fine, out playing with her friends. The young
> heal fast. I asked how his wife was doing and he said she has been
> incredible. All the financial stuff and other things that Walter used to
> deal with she has taken care of completely. She is there every day and
> Walter considers himself luck to have her. Unfortunately she was not
> there during my visit so I did not get to meet her.
> As far as Walter himself goes he is getting better. He doesn't have
> much of an appetite and it was obvious after a couple hours that he was
> getting tired. While I was there the head of the rehab center dropped
> by and said that as soon as the surgeons cleared him he was headed over to
> rehab. That is expected sometime this week. After that the rehab
> people will torture him until he can get in and out of bed and walk. A
> compound fracture of his upper right leg makes that difficult now. Once
> rehab is done it will be home to his own bed and family for further
> healing. That isn't the end though because there will be further surgery
> required in the coming months. All in all he looked really good for
> someone who nearly died at the scene of the accident.
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