[meteorite-list] OT - Insulting my service at the president's pleasure

From: Thaddeus Besedin <endophasy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 18:08:00 -0700 (PDT)
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  American presidents are expendable - what do you think elections do? Longer terms possible in congress are preferable for the purpose of long-term law-mongering, the "work" of professional politicians - lobbying does the talking, and legislation is the architecture of social order and political identity. Democratic political economy itself can have no central political apex without contradicting democratic ideals.
  Social contracts are mutual.
   It is common for naive nationalists to uncritically and nostalgically conflate George W. Bush's inspirationally divisive, ship-sinks-with-its-captain ignorance with its historical precedent: the patently non-American authoritative model of a (monarchistic) prestigious demagogue linked intrinsically to historically-generative/generated ideological superstructure of legitimation. Bush is then a surrogate for the indignation of anti-egalitarian militants, the reactive analogue of Islamist terror leaders. Let an American non-democrat remind you: Bush is not the State. Nor is any president. The State has discredited Bush because he has discredited the State.
   "My" president: possessive case, or possessed by one's case?
  All preponderant politicians are disingenuous at worst and megalomaniacal at best, and necessarily demonstrate messianic tendencies. Otherwise, the political agent's unequivocal nucleic authoritative stability would in effect be precluded by self-reflexive-ambivalent discourse, testing the faith of the constituency and promoting popular alteration to state paradigms.
   In Bush's defense, he is known to necessarily poke fun at his own shortcomings, but his performance of the character of 'president' is hopelessly unsupported by his political-economic experience. The extent of his reflexivity is self-preserving in strategic purpose, not Machiavellian ? leave that to Cheney.
  America is negatively represented by the figure of the person Bush - an ersatz rancher and corporate refugee. History will do the insulting that any one critic can only idly iterate.
  -Thaddeus Besedin

McCartney Taylor <mccartney at blackbearddata.com> wrote: I take offense at you calling my president a plain stupid idiot. He's
clearly not that bright.

IMCA 2760

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 06:28 -0700, drtanuki wrote:

> That man was mentally insane
> unlike George Bush who is just a plain stupid idiot
> and a fascist pig.

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